Jason Tucker's Guntersville Bass Fishing

Guntersville’s Crappie Still On Fire

on Jun 02 in Bream/Crappie Reports

The crappie are still biteing on guntersville . Best places have been the bridges ,docks and creek channels 8 to 16 feet in depth with bobby garland jigs.

Catch Guntersville Postspawn Crappie / Cracker Time Is Here

on Apr 19 in Bream/Crappie Reports

The crappie are still biteing on guntersville and looks good for a couple more weeks at least.We are catching pre and postspawn fish most of the black crappie are postspawn and the white crappie prespawn.The key has been finding hard bottom in 4 to 10 feet of water.Jigs tipped with minnows slow trolled across the humps with hard bottoms has been working great.Also the shellcracker and bream are starting to bed in some parts of the upper river creeks.The best bait is a KEYSTONE JIG it will out catch livebait if fished the right way.

Guntersville Crappie on The humps

on Apr 09 in Bream/Crappie Reports

The crappie have loaded up on the humps on guntersville the past week and catching limits has been easy with a few two plus pound fish each day.The best depth has been 5 to 9 feet with grass on it or stumps.The best method to catch them has been spider rigging jigs tipped with minnows moveing slow over the top of the hump’s or grass flats.

Flipping up big guntersville crappie

on Mar 08 in Bream/Crappie Reports

The past week flipping docks has been the ticket for big crappie.The key factor has been the depth under the dock seems that six feet or more is the key.We have been catching limits every day with ten or more over two pounds each day also have caught seventeen over three pounds in the past two weeks so if you want a wall hanger give me a call.


on Feb 21 in Bream/Crappie Reports

The past few weeks i have been longline trolling for crappie using 1/16oz J.R’S JIGS in 10 to 25 feet of water but the fish are only 8 to 12 feet deep.Best speed has been 0.6 to 0.8 mph on gps and color has not seemed to matter.The creeks on the lower end of the lake has been best for me the last few weeks.Flipping docks has also been¬†produceing some of the bigger crappie but trolling is produceing big numbers.

Fast action crappie

on Feb 06 in Bream/Crappie Reports

The crappie fishing is still wide open creek channels or docks has been the best for fast action crappie fishing.The creek channels are producing more numbers with the docks producing bigger fish.They are moveing shallow fast so if you want to get in on some fast action crappie fishing you need to get on the water fast.


on Jan 11 in Bream/Crappie Reports

The last couple of trips has been a blast doing combo trips bass and crappie.The bass are still on the a-rig its just plan fun catching 25 to 35 bass in jusst a couple hours and then catching 150 to 200 crappie the rest of the time its so fun that my clients have make me stop.I have days open so if you like catching and not fishing give me a buzz. Your Guide Jason Tucker


on Dec 16 in Bream/Crappie Reports

The crappie fishing or as of lately crappie catching. It has been absoulty amazing my clients and I have been catching two to three hundred fish per day and limits of keepers with no problem so if you like crappie catching give me a call or email I have days open.

Cool Water Crappie On Guntersville

on Dec 10 in Bream/Crappie Reports

The crappie are still hot on the big G been averageing 100+ a day with 40 to 60 keepers. I have been catching fish alot of different ways up river using cork and jig 3 to 5 feet deep in the creeks and the bridges with jigs and minnows.


on Nov 15 in Bream/Crappie Reports

The crappie are wide open and should stay that way through spring so if you like slab crappie give me a call.